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'​Tis the Season for Christmas movies!

E​veryone has their favorite Christmas movie. It doesn't feel like Christmas without watching that one movie that reminds you of your childhood or a special memory. This is an opinion piece of course, but I believe this list will include at least one of your favorites.

image courtesy of Apple TV

1. Spirited - This is the newest movie on the list. Just released on Apple TV, the movie stars Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell and is a twist on the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol. Is this movie a musical? Yes, sort of, in a satirical way. Is it for children? Depends. There is some language not meant for children, so that's a parental call, but my teenagers and I really enjoyed it. The cast has many other recognizable faces, and we are still quoting lines around the house.

image courtesy of Variety

2​. Die Hard - I'm a GenX-er, so this one is required. John Mclane (Bruce Willis) attends an office Christmas Party with his wife, and let's just say it doesn't go well. This is an action-packed movie for adults.

image courtesy of IMDB

3​. A Christmas Story - This one is for the whole family! Ralphie Parker is a lovable and relatable character with an entertaining family. There are many unforgettable moments. It's a's a's a leg lamp!

image courtesy of Entertainment Tonight

4​. Home Alone - KEEEEVIIIIN!!!! Who can forget the great Catherine O'Hara yelling her son's name frantically. Macaulay Culkin charms us all with his performance of a young boy who gets left behind when his large family leaves town for Christmas. Hijinks ensue as robbers try to get into the house. I recommend NOT watching this if you have sons that are mischievous. I made the mistake of showing it to my boys and the house became dangerous for a few weeks. But still, it's a classic.

image courtesy of Daily Motion

5​. White Christmas - This classic from 1954 stars Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, and Rosemary Clooney. With a cast like that, you can't go wrong. Add music by Irving Berlin and you have classic movie gold. Despite it's obvious sappy drama here and there, you can't help getting attached to the characters.

I watch this movie every year.

image courtesy of Deseret News

6. M​iracle on 34th St. - You didn't think I'd forget this one, did you? Let's all suspend reality for a moment and believe in Santa again! If anything will do it, this movie will. Is the Macy's store Santa Clause the real Kris Kringle??

image courtesy of HBO Max

7​. Elf - Will Ferrell is the king of Christmas! His recent movie Spirited is my new #1, but this will always be required viewing in December. As the lovable Elf 'Buddy,' Ferrell gives an unforgettable and lovable performance. This movie is good for the whole family.

image courtesy of IMDB

8​. It's a Wonderful Life - Obviously, a classic. Maybe THE classic. You get everything with this movie: Jimmy Stewart gives a performance that draws you in, and reminds you what is really important... our loved-ones.

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