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Porch Concerts Provide Pandemic Friendly Fun!

The creativity during this unprecedented time truly amazes me. I love to see what people come up with to stay connected....and most importantly, safe.

@528live is a great example.

With a background in marketing and a slew of musician friends, Alison and Nick wanted to serve two purposes: One, to bring their neighborhood together; Two, to help their friends who could not tour during the pandemic.

From this, Porch Concerts were born. On the porch of their home on Saturday nights from 7pm-9pm, bands play, neighbors bring chairs and blankets, and a socially distanced gathering commences at 528 W Granada in the Willo neighborhood.

A wide range of music from New Orleans Jazz, to Rock bands, to Acoustic artists are booked through the first of the year. A dedicated Venmo account has been set up so patrons can send tips to the musicians, supporting our local artists. Plans to "tour" to other homes in surrounding neighborhoods are in the works.

Speaking with Alison, I could feel the joy these concerts have brought to others. She describes the audience, who typically bring their own food and beverage to enjoy during the concerts, as feeling a sense of community that may have been lost otherwise. Sunday mornings, coffee on her porch brings complements from neighbors and expressions of gratitude to Nick and Alison for opening the porch of their home.

Please go to the @528live Instagram account for more information, and to support our awesome Arizona bands!

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