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Phoenix Urban Farming Continues to Grow

"​If I'm going to water something, I feel like I should be able to eat it."

This is a quote from a local Urban Farmer speaking about why he decided to turn the grass in his backyard into a vegetable garden. It is a process, for sure. Especially if you're going organic. But those who have dug in the dirt and been able to eat the rewards are hooked.

F​arming isn't the first thing people think of when we talk Phoenix. Many think it's just too hot. However, our water resources are managed well and you can grow all year. Whether you dream of having a few fruit trees, a batch of tomatoes, or a whole yard full of delicious fresh produce, Urban Farmers have been working to perfect the art of desert farming, and they're sharing their knowledge.

I​f you're a total newbie, there are a few places to start. St. Vincent de Paul has an Urban Farming program which supports their kitchen and family food boxes. They offer volunteer opportunities to individuals and groups in which you can both serve and learn at the same time. Many of the volunteers are experienced and will also give you tips and tricks. Phoenix Permaculture Guild offers classes and is also a Facebook community where you can post issues and get answers. Members offer online classes and gatherings as well.

Whether you're new or want to expand, is the place to go. As the "...go-to resource for online food-growing education," they offer in-person and online classes, a podcast, and free monthly discussion groups. You can also buy supplies, seeds, and trees from their online store. This was the most complete resource I found during my research.

P​roving that Urban Farming in Phoenix isn't a fad, The City of Phoenix has included goals to explore land available in food deserts that may be turned into community food gardens, to work with local Urban Farmers and Farmers Markets to bring fresh and healthy foods to all, and to make local food purchasing the norm. T​he most consistent result from the Urban Farmers/backyard vegetable gardeners I spoke to... nothing tastes like freshly picked produce!

Need a home with a place for you to grow? Contact Polly Mitchell Global Realty for an expert Realtor to help find you a place for your dream garden.

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