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Phoenix sports bring more than the game, they bring an experience

Phoenix has a great sports scene with state-of-the-art facilities showcasing your favorite teams.

For the baseball lover, see the Diamondbacks at Chase Field. Depending on the game,

tickets start around $10-$20. From experience, sections 203-208 are great for seeing the game, the boards, and the fun. These sections are on the less expensive side, running between $50-$70 per ticket. High enough to see all the action, but not nosebleed seats.

Chase Field is known for some unique food creations. One might classify some of these options as "bucket list" foods as they are amazing, but probably something to eat once in your lifetime, or at least have you on salads for the next 7 days. Beginning with the all day breakfast dog, this is no ordinary hotdog. Eggs, hash browns, cheese, gravy, it's the breakfast you've always dreamed of piled on a hotdog. Other specialty hotdogs include a cheeseburger dog with a secret sauce, a deep-fried hotdog, and a southwest style hotdog wrapped in bacon. Frybread is a southwest favorite, so of course you're going to see some twists on this delicious desert. On the savory side, you can get a frybread taco loaded with carnitas and your favorite taco fixings. Similarly, you can get a funnel cake with crispy fried chicken and available toppings such as cheddar cheese, strawberry jam, and maple syrup. For desert, the Churro Dog is a must. Replace the hotdog with a churro, then reach down deep to your 7 year old self and pile on every sundae topping your inner child desires.

Want to do more than watch the game? Visit the Coors Light Strike Zone for a fun hangout with a full bar, food, and pool table. For younger kids, head over to the Phoenix Children's Hospital Sandlot. A playground, batting cages, and a miniature replica of Chase Field are perfect for antsy kids needing to release some energy. Beer lovers can visit the Four Peaks Draft Room for a wide variety of draft beers. Overlooking right field, you'll have a great view while enjoying a locally brewed beer.

For the basketball fans, of course it's the Suns and Mercury at Footprint Center. Tickets for the Suns, depending on the game, start at around $100. With the Suns ranked at #1 and Mercury ranked at #5, the ticket prices are worth the amazing athleticism you'll witness. Phoenix basketball is truly some of the best in the country.

Have you ever dreamed of eating sushi at a basketball game? No? It never crossed your mind? It never crossed mine either. But thanks to Benihana and RA, you can eat sushi and teppanyaki while watching the game. The food at Footprint Center has some elevated cuisine, but you can still get the classics as well.

You may be wondering, who is Footprint? Footprint is a local Arizona company located in Gilbert. A company on a journey to find solutions for a healthier planet, they hold several patents for processes that turn plant based materials into products that replace single-use plastics.

Footprint Center also features concerts by major artists, WWE Live, Harlem Globetrotters, and even Disney on Ice, making it a destination for the whole family.

With all the experiences available at both venues, bring the whole family, and make lasting memories.

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