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Paradise is Found in Beautiful Costa Rica

Whether you're looking for the perfect vacation home or dreaming of living the expat lifestyle, dreams become a reality in beautiful Costa Rica. With weather ranging from 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit year round, breathtaking views and the natural world in abundance makes this the perfect place for outdoor activities such as hiking, bird watching, and swimming. The motto in Costa Rica is "Pura Vida" which translates to "the pure life," perfectly describing a culture that favors the pleasures of daily life.

Lainie and Lisa, our Polly Mitchell Global Realty international property experts, currently recommend Grand View Estates. This small community is gated for security, and larger lots of 2.25 acres allow for privacy. Situated on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, just 30 minutes from the quaint town of Siquirres and 35 minutes from the coastal town of Limon, this community is nestled in the Cordillera de Talamanca mountains. Essential infrastructure is already in place including gates at both entrances, 12 miles of road, and electricity already built. There is also a community building with a community pool perfect for socializing with your new expat friends. Grand View Estates also boasts an established equestrian center nearby. Horse lovers will certainly find a home here.

The best part about this property is that your home has yet to be built! This means a home customized for your needs. There is a reliable and skilled builder onsite to make your dream home a reality. He has built many of the existing homes in this development and has a team ready to build yours! Local building laws allow for structures under @600 square feet to be built without a permit or architect, and septic is included in the building plans and cost. Build multiple 2 bedroom/2 bath dwellings for $60,000US each, allowing for you to have rental income and make money even if you aren't there year round! Local property management is available onsite to manage your property while you're away.

Not interested in multiple properties? Build your full sized dream home in paradise! Have plenty of room for family and friends to visit.

Being a full or part-time resident of Costa Rica is easy as there are several visa options that allow you to live there long-term without a steady job. Excellent medical care is also available with one of their affordable private insurance plans. Costa Rica is a safe place to live. According to the US Overseas Security Advisory Council's 2020 report, the main thing to watch out for is petty theft. Just be sure to keep your wallet or purse in a "difficult to snatch" place on your body or use a money belt when out and about. Costa Rica has seen a year-over-year reduction in crime since 2017 due to a government focused on keeping its people safe.

If you can picture yourself waking up to this picturesque view...

call us to learn more!

Your tropical dreams are about to come true.

Polly Mitchell Global Realty

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