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Little O's Restaurant

An offshoot of O.H.S.O, Little O's is located here, on the border of the Roosevelt and Willo neighborhoods of downtown Phoenix. Offering your favorite foods and brews, this dog-friendly neighborhood hangout is owned by former O.H.S.O server, Summer Anesin.

Summer started as a server at 0.H.S.0. when they first opened. Over the next 9 years, she worked her way up through nearly every position in the restaurant. This lead to her to her new venture, Little O's, which opened in November of 2020.

Summer comes from a large family of 7 siblings. She feels this experience not only made her able to work with any personality type, she also has a way of forming a family everywhere she goes. "My staff is like a family," she says, "and we are on a first name basis with our customers." She says they are "growing their family one beer at a time." Little O's is also involved in community engagement through donations, donating food to various organizations including to our amazing frontline workers at Banner Hospital, which is just down the street from them.

Opening a restaurant in the middle of a global pandemic could be seen as a huge burden, but Summer saw it as an opportunity. She was able to ensure the restaurant was built pandemic-friendly by keeping tables at a safe distance, and having plexiglass dividers between the booths. There is a Grab n' Go section with pre-made items, and you can order online here.

Local residents ride their bikes to Little O's on Saturday and Sunday for that famous brunch deal, which includes a draft beer or monster mimosa for a penny! The kitchen is open until midnight, so it's also a great place for a late night snack.

In this time when many of us feel isolated, Little O's is a place where you can safely feel a sense of community.

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