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How to keep your New Year's Resolutions!

Isn't this the big question every year? We want a fresh start and have so much hope for the goals we set, but history shows we aren't so good at following through. In fact, studies show the majority of us give up on our resolutions within six weeks of setting them. So how do we break the cycle of unmet goals? Here are a few tips to help...

Realistic and Clear Goals. Whether it's losing weight, organizing your home, or making family dinners a priority, make it realistic and clear. Instead of saying "I want to organized my house," say "We will set aside one hour each Sunday to organize one section of the house." Instead of saying "I want to lose 50 lbs.," say "I'd like to lose one pound per week." These goals are realistic and it's clear what you want to accomplish.

Good Planning. Make a solid plan for your goals. If you want to prioritize family dinners, choose a day of the week that dinner together is non-negotiable. For losing weight, maybe you plan to have 2 healthy, home cooked meals per week and that you'll exercise at least twice per week as well. Your plan should be as realistic and clear as the goal itself.

Overthinking. The BFF of procrastination. Follow the first two steps and stay focused. Second-guessing yourself won't help you reach your goals. Trust yourself and the plan you set in place.

Accountability Buddy. Grab yourself a buddy. This person doesn't have to do exactly as you do. They can have their own plan and goals, as long as you check-in with each other at least once a week. This can also be the person you call when you feel yourself slipping. You can remind each other why you made this goal and how you'll feel when it's complete.

Why is it important to you? There is a reason this goal popped into your mind. If you're using visuals to remind yourself of your goals, be sure to include why you want to accomplish it. That "why" is the carrot on the stick and it will do wonders to motivate you.

Play the long game. Chances are your goal cannot be met overnight. If long-term goals are tough for you, consider chopping your large goal into smaller parts. This way you will have many triumphs throughout the year.

Samuel Goldwyn, one of the founders of Paramount Pictures, said: "The harder I work, the luckier I get." On that note... Good Luck!

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