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2022 Home Décor Design Trends

Gone are the days of stark whites, minimalism, and stiff Scandinavian furniture. Today's trends lean toward color, texture, and mixing patterns.

Gold is king. Art Deco mirrors and coffee tables reminiscent of 1920s Art Deco, along with sleek gold chandeliers, hang over plush living spaces full of texture and patterns. Simply adding gold knobs and faucets will elevate any kitchen or bathroom. These gold accents bring an air of sophistication and luxury to any space.

Deep, luxurious colors. Rich navy blues, deep royal purples, and emerald greens continue the trend of luxury. Best of all, the gold fixtures and furnishings look gorgeous when paired with these colors.

Shades of brown. Want to update, but looking for a more neutral palette? Natural fibers, raw wood, and sustainable décor are trending now as well. If you're going for browns, be sure to use multiple shades over the same hue. (Hue: noun. A gradation or variety of a color; tint: the property of light by which the color of an object is classified as red, blue, green, or yellow in reference to the spectrum.) So you may have browns in the yellow hue family, or the red hue family, but not red and yellow in one space. This will throw off the cohesiveness of the room. Add in a variety of natural textures to satisfy your outdoorsy side.

Curved furniture. This trend has psychological roots, according to Oshin Vartanian, a neuroscientist at the University of Toronto. His study concluded our brains prefer curved spaces in general. Hard surfaces and sharp corners stimulate the fear center in the amygdala, increasing stress and anxiety. Curved furniture and spaces have the opposite effect. Let's face it, we all need a hug after these last few years. A curved chair our couch could do the trick.

One-of-a-kind accents. As we've spent more and more time in our homes, we've also more deeply developed our personal style. Unique vintage finds and artwork from local artists are in demand in 2022. A one-of-a-kind work of art can personalize your space, and be a great conversation starter with guests.

Canopy beds. Speaking of luxury, canopy beds are making a comeback. With styles to fit any décor, the grandness of a canopy bed follows the trend of luxury. Whether a wooden four post bed or a metal frame with drapes, a canopy bed will add drama, as well as comfort.

Self-care. Changing the décor in your home can be a form of self-care. Try to avoid making it a task. Use the time to focus on what feelings you want to invoke in your home. Enjoy the time looking for special pieces that reflect who you are. When finished, your space will be an extension of you.

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