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2021 Home Design Trends

After spending our days and nights quarantined in our houses this last year, people are changing how they look at home décor. Creating spaces that are functional, but also reflect their personal style. Spaces for relaxation and mindfulness. Spaces for family time, and also for some much-needed alone time.

Indoor plants are making a big comeback, bringing a breath of fresh air, color, and texture into our homes. According to a study by NASA, plants like the Spider Plant remove formaldehyde and benzene from the air and do well in indirect light. Aloe Vera is a succulent that cleans the air and also has other topical uses, while the Peace Lily has shown to remove the most pollutants from the air and do well in artificial light. Another popular air purifying plant is the Flamingo Lily, which has beautiful pink flowers that last for several months. No matter your indoor style, you're sure to find an air purifying plant to benefit your décor.

One of the most surprising trends is one House Beautiful coined "Grandmillennial." This style pairs antiques, patterns, and generally items you'd find in your grandmother's home with modern design ideals. Formal elements such as skirted tables, pleats, and ruffles cozy up to modern couches and puffs giving any room an inviting nostalgia. To make sure your room is timeless and not simply old-timey, choose your pieces carefully and stick to a specific color pallet. This will ensure the room is cohesive as well as unique.

Remember that floral wallpaper in grandma's guest room? Well that's making a comeback too, but with a modern twist. Peel and stick wallpaper options are vast and offer patters to match your style. Vintage floral, giant floral mural, and even flamingos or oranges are available. The DIY-er in all of us will appreciate that this wallpaper is easy to apply, and easy to remove when trends change. For those looking for a less obvious change, texture is king. Turn a plain white wall into a textured white wall with brick, stone, or wood patterns. This will give both depth and warmth to the room without adding color.

The great toilet paper shortage of 2020 has sparked a trend that Europeans have embraced for around 300 years, the Bidet. You heard me right! The first known bidet was in France in the 1700s and are pretty standard throughout Europe. In Italy, a hygiene law enacted back in 1975 requires every home to be equipped with at least one bidet, but Americans hadn't embraced this bathroom fixture until the pandemic. According to Jason Ojalvo, the CEO of Tushy, sales spiked to nearly a million dollars per day in March of 2020. There are many companies selling easy to install attachments that are reasonably priced, so you're not installing an expensive separate fixture.

Multi-use Spaces are a must for most households. Working and schooling from home requires space and organization, but not everyone has the room. The solution is taking your current space and changing it up. Transitioning even the smallest closet into a workable space is possible, and it's a great motivation to clean out and donate unused items. Studies show having a dedicated work space that is inviting and comfortable can increase focus and productivity. Choose colors that make you happy and be sure to have a comfortable chair. Organize items such as pencils, books, and calculators in anything from traditional office organizers to mugs. For the kids, let them decorate their space. Paint is cheap and their artwork is free! Don't forget that peel and stick wallpaper, too.

No matter your style, workload, or space, there are trends in 2021 that will make staying home a welcome experience.

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