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Our company culture...

PMGR centers on a fun, supportive and success-oriented environment. We believe that making things easy, enjoyable and seamless for agents translates into a great experience for our clients!
Happy agents make us happy!

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Why Join the PMGR Team?
Teamwork + Mentorship

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Polly values working one on one with her team. A close connection is so important! She knows the importance of having a mentor who's focus is on your professional growth. Supporting you in your business is our number one goal - your success is our success!

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Polly has attracted and chosen only the best real estate agents. Agents who know the market and are home match-making experts! PMGR Agents are advocates for our clients and deliver results.


Our team of real estate professionals have earned a broad range of certifications and bring critical insight and knowledge to every transaction. Our connections and relationships reach all over the Valley, and the world.

We're in real estate because we love it!

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We're here to help you connect clients with their dream properties and take them from where they are now to where they want to be. 
Join us and become an
Adventure Specialist!

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Looking for Adventure?

Grow Global

Partner with us to bring your real estate business to a new level. Re-imagine your business as an international opportunity.

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Global real estate opportunities are everywhere! People move to Arizona from other countries every day, and current clients may be looking to invest in international properties. 

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